Competitive advantage is found less in WHAT you do, and more in WHO you are and HOW you do it.

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This workshop is ideal for teams/organisations looking to find competitive advantage in this new world of work, and create the types of environments and employer brands that help attract great talent, and inspire, motivate and engage their workforce.

In this presentation, we address how to become a better organisational WHO and offer a better HOW.

Subject areas:

  • How the world of work has evolved
  • Generational Theory – understanding differences
  • Building emotional connection
  • Bringing personal & organisational values to life
  • Increasing candidate & employee experience
  • Creating a great onboarding programme
  • Developing & measuring your Employer Brand

Breakout discussions:

  • How can we better showcase purpose & values in our work environments
  • How can we create better experience throughout the candidate & employee journey
  • How can you better articulate your EVP

Andy, speaking at the Airbnb EMEA 2015 conference

Andy Partridge – Founder of Enviable Workplace

Andy has a background is in the recruitment industry delivering in-house training and seminars to recruitment consultancies, HR professionals and line managers.

In 2010 he founded the number one company culture blog Enviable Workplace to help companies create great company culture, to better attract, engage and retain the best people in their marketplace. Since its beginnings, over 200,000 international HR directors, managers, employees and leaders have read or contributed insights.

The blog focuses on every aspect of workplace culture including the vision & values, talent acquisition, EVP, employee engagement, collaborative and productive physical environments, and great reputations & employer brands.

His presentations and workshops are designed to help leaders create better experience in the recruitment process and more engaged employees.

He is also Chief Operating Officer at the Employer Brand Agency Link Humans helping companies to measure the success of their employer brands with the Employer Brand Index.

Additionally, he speaks at schools to help 6th formers understand how the world of work has changed, and how they can find competitive advantage during their transition.