Competitive advantage in the future is less and less about WHAT you do, and more and more about WHO you are and HOW you do it.

In this environment, talent is the primary commodity, and the ability to attract, retain, nurture and motivate talented staff (young and old) is a critical success factor for any company in any industry. A company’s market value is determined more today by its intangible assets such as reputation, stakeholder experience and company culture.

It is vital to create the internal environment that allows people to individually and collectively create far more value than they could if they were employed elsewhere.

With a backdrop to the New World of Work, we look at how to become a better WHO and offer a better HOW.

The workshop addresses the following questions:

  • What’s your vision for success?
  • What’s your personal & professional purpose? How can you better articulate that?
  • What are your key values, and how are you living those?
  • How can you build a stronger personal brand?
  • How can you better understand the core values and motivations of others in order to build stronger emotional connection?


  • Understanding and articulating values & purpose
  • Creating and connecting with a vision of success
  • Mapping the journey
  • Creating a more confident Personal Brand
  • Identifying & understanding the motivational values of others
  • Building empathy
  • Managing and developing relationships
  • Improving communication
  • Creating great experience

Andy, speaking at the Airbnb EMEA 2015 conference

Andy Partridge – Founder of Enviable Workplace

Andy is a Speaker & Coach with a background delivering international in-house training and seminars within the recruitment markets. He is enthusiastic and passionate about helping people reach their full potential, focusing on techniques to increase confidence & productivity.

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