Engagement Workshop – Fri, May 18th 2018


You’ve reached the flagship workshop of Andy Partridge of Enviable Workplace. Thank you for taking up your time to consider how this workshop could change the working lives of you and your workforce.

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I specialise in helping leaders, managers and most importantly employees themselves create productive workplaces where their friends want to be them, and their colleagues never leave (and everyone is happy about that!)

airbnb-logo“this was an amazing experience. For someone as sceptical as I am, it makes me see things differently” – Sofia Santos – Airbnb

“He challenges existing thought processes, encouraging you to appreciate what you have and understand real value, whilst still aiming to reach the stars. From this emerges a more positive and forthcoming person within us, one who is ready to take charge and responsibility for our own successes.” – Charlotte – Christian Alexander

This workshop has been painstakingly designed with millennials in mind. People who are likely to be perceived as unengaged, disinterested, unsure of their goals & purpose or simply just not quite living up to their potential. If you can entrust them to me for the day, I will not only empower them to take control of their own destiny, but also to help you in aligning your goals with theirs to create a community atmosphere that supports a culture of development and growth.

But remember it isn’t just the employees who come out of the day feeling great, feeling empowered, feeling aligned with the goals of the company they work for. The results are tangible for leaders too:

Gu_logo“Andy’s great skill is unlocking human potential to get extraordinary results out of ordinary people.” – James Averdieck – Founder of GU Puds

As part of the workshop we will cover visions for success, personal branding, motivational values, to mapping their paths to success within your team, and offering awesome stakeholder experience and back again!

So if you have someone in mind that would benefit from this today, then sign them up NOW as I’d love to empower them to develop their strengths and successful careers!

What can you expect from your employees as a result of this session

  • millennials that align their goals with those of your team
  • they feel empowered to bring their new ideas into your business
  • they want to create real connections with your customers to create outstanding experiences
  • participation in a workplace with a community feel
  • positive engagement between employees and leadership

And most importantly they will learn how to take responsibility for becoming one of your top employees, deliver great work and enjoy what they do as a result.

Friday, May 18th, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM (BST)

Dolphin Square – Chichester Street, London, SW1V 3LX